Saturday, 14 November 2009

Science vs. Engineering / 科学 vs. 工程

I was discussing with my friend Xingbo today about the difference between engineering and science. He gave a good definition. Engineering research results in immediate added value to society while science research requires engineering efforts before their fruits can be reaped by the society.
IEOR Department joke: "When does engineering become science? When it stops being useful"

Xingbo 和我讨论了一下科学和工程的区别。 他很英明的发表出一对很吻合的定义。 工程研究是可以直接产生社会价值, 而科学研究是须要工程研究的加工才能导致可用产品。 两个都一样重要, 往往科学更加难,名利少很多。

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