Thursday, 8 January 2009

If you have a passion, follow it, or you will regret it forever

This is a painful transition point in my life. For the past five years or so, I focused all of my energy into the pursuit of this field known as quantitative finance. That decision was made after the abandonment of my true passion - computer science. Word cannot describe how foolish I was to choose a financially rewarding field that I loathe over a less rewarding, more risky field that I loved. Day and day, night and night, I admire those friends of mine from high school and university who dared to face the threat of IT outsourcing in pursuit of their true passion in computer & high-tech industry. People like James, Avrum, Mu Cai, Samuel, yes they might not make as much as a Wall Street banker, but at least they can wake up to a job that drives their soul. Where as I mistakenly thought that I can "build my passion" for elements of society that I never showed any, any aptitude for. Reading the finance section makes me lethargic while reading the technology section makes me insomniac.
May this post help those younglings who are at that junction of life make a more insightful career decision. Never again would I let paranoia about career prospect cloud my passion, no more "secure" careers: medicine, law, finance, consulting, just my passion: computer science.