Sunday, 7 September 2008

Chinese University Dormitories

Chinese university dorms are single unisex. Men are only allowed to enter female dorms during visitation hours. I think this leads to responsible relationship between opposite sex. The sign translates to "Women's Residence, Gentlemen Not Allowed"

Slogans in Chinese cities

Many Chinese cities feature traditional banners with slogans. Beijing is no exception. THis one reads "Join the fight against drugs, Create harmonious society"

Another example of wealth gap

The items on this menu is from a fashionable bar at 鼓楼 (GuLou) district. This district mixes traditional Chinese HuTong with modern social venues and attracts many Western travelers. The prices on these menu is way over budget for the average Chinese (non-professional) worker. I personally know a cleaner who earns only five Chinese Yuan per hour.

Wealth Gap in Beijing

As these two photos exemplify, Beijing's architecture often exhibits how lightning development over the recent years had lead to large wealth gaps. Many corporate workers earn 50 to 100 times more than labour workers.

Chinese Chess on the Streets of Beijing

At most Chinese cities, street-side chess culture is quite prevalent. This photo was taken at Beijing on July 2008. Usually two players would play with modest equipment and attract a small group of usually male spectators. I participated twice in such matches in Harbin (哈尔滨)。
The rule for this wonderful board game can be found on wikipedia. An online Chinese chess game can be found at