Thursday, 24 September 2009

Un-"Gentlemen's Club"

On the way to school the other day, I saw a taxi cab ad advertising "Gentlemen's Club" in New York City. It got me thinking. A gentlemen used to be a man of honour who upheld the values of chivalry which included justice, courage, politeness, civility, loyalty, and duty. A gentleman is supposed to be courteous and loyal to his lady. Under the Oriental interpretation of the word based on Confucianism (君子), similar values are preached. It is ironic and sad that New York City strip joints, which house the anti-gentlemen of the modern age, call themselves by a title that should be reserved for those with the highest level of conduct. Calling a strip club "gentlemen's club" is comparable to calling a biker's pub "intellectual's club", or calling a strip club in China "君子俱乐部".