Friday, 17 April 2009

Infinity QX4 audio repair

Been meaning to post these photos.
A while back, the cd changer on my parents' 2001 Infinity QX4 jammed and we decided to get a new GPS audio navigation system. The unit I settled on was Pioneer AVIC-F700BT along with a bunch of accessories from
The process wasn't that hard. The most critical component was this Scosche audio connector adapter (also called a harness). It allows you to connect Nissan audio cables to your Pioneer unit. I guess the overall process is:
1. Get rid of your old unit.
2. Hook up the harness. The Nissan cables all have tiny letters written on the plastic to indicate their functionality. Make sure you connect the AMP wire correctly according to the instruction manual.
3. Hook up the microphone to some place convenient.
4. Put the GPS antenna on the dash board.
5. You can leave the parking break and reverse signal wires from your Pioneer unit unconnected. Only connect the reverse signal if you're using a back-up cam.
By the way, I also bought an Audiovox back-up camera but couldn't get it to work :(
Here are some photos.

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