Friday, 31 August 2007

International House

International House is a dreamland for people who want to travel the world but can't afford it, yet.
It's a student residence funded by the Rockfeller Foundation, whose goal is to enable its members from around the world to live and learn together in a diverse residential community that builds life-long qualities of leadership, respect and friendship. 700 members, students and visiting scholars, are chosen from over 100 countries to create a vibrant community for mutual understanding and intellectual exchange.
So far, I've met people the usual international students from Germany, France, India, but there are also people from Iceland, Uruguay,Congo, Nigeria whose major include human-right activism, engineering, mathematic, musicology, and religion.
In my field of applied mathematics, the students from France are especially strong where they attended schools such as
École Polytechnique, École normale supérieure, and Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité. So the French are not the relaxed wine-drinkers I thought but are probably living up to the legacy of the likes of Cayley, Fermat, and Lagrange.

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