Monday, 12 March 2007

Federal Reserve Conspiracy

Dear readers:

A distressing sign of ignorance came to me when I found the following YouTube video:

The author proclaims that the Federal Reserve bank is some kind of a capitalist scam design to "charge people interest rate for using paper-based money" and some how Roosevelt was part of the conspiracy by making it illegal to own gold. The middle of the video also makes reference to some kind of a Zionist conspiracy that involves controlling the world's monetary reserves.

The sadder thing is that most of the responses agree with the viewpoint in the video. Only one person tried in vain to ask people to learn about basic economics to understand the nature of paper-based currency and open market operations. He was, however, drowned out by the hollow cries of pie-throwing left-wing commies.


Venetia said...

Your blog is so...complex John

Patty said...

People should read this.